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Mila  is short for Milarépa, the most famous Tibetan Buddhist monk. He had a perfect knowledge of all the subtle processes at play in the human body as well as very great psychic powers. The yellow in the Mila incense is linked to its action on the third chakra. Mila is recommended for those who practice yoga and wish to experience the sensation of circulating energies. 
  • 9.8-inch (25-cm) stick with no central wooden support 
  • burns for approximatively 80 minutes 
  • contains only herbs and minerals 

The Mila incense is linked to the third chakra, the one about energy and the exchange of information with the universe. The aroma of the Mila incense is slightly musky and woody, it wears off when the incense is burning, making space for a lingering scent of dry grass and hay. 


This incense is suited to accompany yoga practices. Its purpose is to make it possible to perceive the interaction of forces in the subtle body. During the yoga session, the constant exchange between the environment, others and ourselves is better perceived. This perception can lead us to the understanding and a deeper knowledge of this constant interaction between ourselves and between ourselves, others and the environment. This understanding goes beyond words and a rationalized conceptualization. This understanding “acts”. 

Ideally, meditating or working with Mila is hassle-free since there is nothing to take, nothing to throw away, it is intended solely to gain consciousness of our thoughts and external manifestations as being friends without either pushing away or developing anything further. One mustn’t judge the manifestations or the thoughts, it is not about self-improvement here but letting go. Mila is a vehicle of the direct experience of the law of cause and effect. 

Our review:

If it is first and foremost used by Tibetan yogis, it is also used by clairvoyants for whom it opens certain doors. 

The Mila incense is completely suited for clairvoyance and yoga as it helps sense subtle energies!

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